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Our Story

Sean, a seasoned pool cue aficionado and collector, embarked on his journey in the world of pool cues during the mid-1980s. Driven by a shared passion for the sport and a keen understanding of the market's needs, Sean along with his business partner “Tiny”, joined forces in 2002 to establish S&T Billiards. Drawn to the world of billiards and inspired by his brother's thriving business, Eric decided to embark on a new chapter, joining Sean at S&T Billiards. Their partnership proved to be a strategic alliance, leveraging Sean's expertise in pool cues and Eric's organizational and business acumen.

A red haired man leans over a pool table to make a shot. He is looking forward and smiling

The establishment of S&T Billiards was driven by a clear identification of a market gap. The nearest billiards shop located in Essex, MD, over 40 miles away, the region lacked a dedicated establishment that catered to the needs of pool enthusiasts. Recognizing this unmet demand, Sean and Eric envisioned S&T Billiards as a haven for pool players of all levels, offering a comprehensive selection of cues, accessories, and expert guidance.

Since its inception, S&T Billiards has evolved into a cornerstone of the local pool community, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere where players can not only procure the necessary equipment but also engage in camaraderie and share their passion for the sport. The company's commitment to quality, customer service, and the overall well-being of the pool community has earned it a loyal following, solidifying its position as a premier destination for all things billiards.

A red hair man with muscles gets ready to take his shot over a pool table
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