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  • What brands do you carry?
    We currently partner with Predator, McDermott, Lucasi, Viking, CueTec, Meucci. In addition we recently signed a deal to be the exclusive distributor for Lambros Custom Cues
  • Can I try a cue before I buy it?
    Absolutely! We want you to be secure that you purchased the right cue for you. So we encourage you to come in for a test hit at our Center Pocket location, or any of our pop-up sales sites.
  • How much should a good pool cue cost?
    A good comparison is a car. Some people are comfortable in a used 10 year old car, some people in a new compact car and some want the latest full size SUV. We provide an extensive range of cue to fit any budget and need.
  • Can you order a cue I saw online?
    We specialize in finding the right cue for each customer. If you saw a cue online that you love, please let us know and we usually can get it for you.
  • Am I able to have my cue customized?
    Some of our manufacturers do offer customization, so do not hesitate to ask. Please note, customization will add on to the build and delivering time. If you would like a completely customized cue, we encourage you consider working with our newest partner, Lambros Cues.
  • Can you tell me the value of my cue?
    We do offer an evaluation service for most cue manufacturers. With Sean's 30+ years of experience in the pool cue world, you can turn to us for a fair evaluation of your cue. If you have a collection, we can come to you.
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