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 1990- Mike Lambros designs and builds his first 4-point cue at home in his basement while working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.  Mike became known for superior repair work and building solid-hitting Sneaky Pete cues.

1993- Opened a small shop on Pulaski Highway in Baltimore, Maryland and started to build cues utilizing a flat-faced, phenolic joint.  Introducing a solid hitting cue and coined the phrase, “The ART in a cue is how it plays.”

1994-Mike was approached by a local poolroom owner and commissioned to build a billiards cue.  Spending over six months of research and development to build the cue in time for a BCA Tournament in New York.  He shared the cue with world three cushion champion, Mr. Sang Lee only to hear, “It is not very good for billiards.”  Mike heard the criticisms and comments from Mr. Lee and spent the next 18 months re-engineering his billiard cues to reduce vibration and increase playability.  His research guided him to solve resolve shaft/butt connection issues.  The product of this research was the development of the ULTRA joint, for which he was awarded a U.S. Patent in October 1998 for a “Billiards Cue with Improved Joints for Greater Stability.”

Lambros Cues

Enhances the ART and Feel of playing this beautiful game. Never satisfied, always persistent to achieve better.

2022-Never satisfied with his work, Mike continued his research and development that has led to two game-changing innovations.  The first is his new cue design, the M.E.T. (Maximum Energy Transfer), which allows the player more control and better playability on the table.

2024“I HATE carbon fiber!”  Mike Lambros, Jan 2020.  And his newest innovation is in response to multiple customers asking for and being turned down when requesting a carbon fiber shaft for their Lambros cue.  Mike has spent the past four years researching, designing and building a carbon fiber shaft that provides, “Wood-like playability with an enhanced stability.  The shaft provides the player with feedback and vibration for feel and adjustment at the table. Accepting pre-orders with an expected ship date of 22 January 2024.  Shafts will be completed on a limited run and wait time will be posted on the S&T website.

Availability of Lambros Carbon Fiber Shafts and custom designed cues through Sean and Eric Granahan at S & T Billiards of Bowie, Maryland << >>.

1998-During a BCA three cushion tournament, Mike was able to share his re-engineered billiards cue with Mr. Sang Lee.  At this tournament, using the Lambros cue, Mr. Lee posted a tournament high run of nineteen (19).  He remarked, “Wow, you have really learned how to make a billiards cues.”  Mr. Lee then presented to Mike his personal Blumdall model billiards cue, which is part of Mike’s personal collection.  Mike turned his focus to building billiards cues for the Japanese market for the next two years.

2000-Mr. Randy Welty of California commissioned Mike to build a custom cue, then several more.  After several builds, Mr. Welty wanted an “artsy-fartsy” cue that would look like no other cue.  A year later he presented Mr. Welty with an artist’s rendition of “The Dragon Cue,” (the original dragon cue featured on the cover of The Blue Book of Pool Cues, edition 3).  This is an ivory cue using rotary inlay techniques to ensure a perfect fit for all the inlay work.  The cue was completed and delivered in late 2003.

2012-Mr. Welty approached Mike about designing a trilogy of cues, the second was “The Phoenix.”  The Phoenix would be more ornate and intricately designed than “The Dragon” cue.  In 2016, Mike was able to deliver “The Phoenix” to him at the Super Billiards Expo, surpassing all expectations.

2015-Through continued research and development, Mike was able to improve on his ULTRA joint and released the ULTIMATE joint: improving strength, hit and feel.





Over the past 20+ years Mike Lambros at his shops in Baltimore, Maryland has innovated and incorporated:

  • shaft profiles suited to the needs of different players and variations of the beautiful game.

  • through and threaded ferrules.

  • shortened and ferrule less shafts have been offered for 15+ years.

  • the LD (low deflection) wood shaft.

  • the ULTRA joint improved by the ULTIMATE joint.

  • the M.E.T. (Maximum Energy Transfer) cue.

  • the Lambros carbon fiber shaft, designed for Lambros joints in two sizes 12.6 mm and soon 12.2 mm.

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