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The Craft of Excellence: What Makes a Great Billiards Table

A billiards room surrounded by windows looking out at tree filled backyard. A big old fashioned light fixture hangs above a beautiful dark colored billiard table with blue felt. Balls scattered across the top

When you step into the world of billiards, the quality of your game often comes down to the quality of the table you play on. At S&T Billiards, we understand that a great billiards table is not just a piece of furniture. It’s a pivotal element of the game itself. Here’s what Eric Granahan and Sean Granahan look for in a top-quality billiards table.

The foundation of any exceptional billiards table lies in its craftsmanship. At S&T Billiards, we pride ourselves on offering tables that are built with precision and care. The best tables have a solid and sturdy construction, often made from seasoned hardwoods like oak, maple, or mahogany. These materials not only provide durability but also add a touch of elegance to the design.

A flat playing surface is critical for accurate play. All high-quality billiards tables are equipped with a slate that is precisely cut to a thickness of about three-quarters of an inch to one inch. A perfectly level playing field makes sure the balls roll smoothly and predictably. We make sure that every table meets these standards of flatness and balance.

The cushions of a billiards table should give you reliable and consistent bounce across the entire table. They are typically made of vulcanized rubber. Predictability in the bounce allows players to execute shots with precision. The quality of the cushions affects the speed and accuracy of the game, making this one of the key features when deciding which table is best.

The felt on a billiards table plays a crucial role in the game’s dynamic. High-quality felt is smooth and free of naps and knots. This offers a uniform surface that allows the billiard balls to glide effortlessly. At S&T Billiards, we offer tables with top-grade felt that ensures minimal friction, enhancing both the speed and the enjoyment of the game.

Whether you have been playing for years or are new to the world of billiards, understanding what makes a great billiards table can greatly enhance your game. At S&T Billiards, we are dedicated to providing only the best in quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Stop by today at any of our Baltimore locations to see our wide selection of expertly crafted billiards supplies. Let us help you choose the perfect table for your game room.

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