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Around the World on a Pool Table pt 2

a big globe behind 2 billiards balls 1 dark turquoise 1 dark orange sitting together to the right of the globe

In part 2 of this blog, we will discuss the different types of billiards commonly played in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Not only do they play the game with a different flair, but the tables are also changed up. However, one thing stays constant, the community and the love of the game.

Across Europe, in countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands, players enjoy both American and British versions of billiards. One style is called Carom Billiards. It’s played on a table without pockets, the main goal is to strike the cue ball, so it hits the other two balls on the table. Different versions like "three-cushion" billiards are particularly popular. In this game the cue ball must hit the cushions at least three times before striking the second target ball.

Asia offers a rich variety of billiard games. Chinese 8-Ball is a blend of the original game and snooker. The game is played on a small snooker table following the 8-ball rules. In China this version is gaining popularity where it’s highly broadcasted and the competition runs HOT . Japanese billiards often includes games like 4-ball. It is somewhat similar to carom billiards but played with 4 balls on a pocketless table. 2 of those balls are white and 2 are red.

In countries like Argentina and Brazil, they play their own version of Snooker. Sinuca Brasileira, which simply translates to Brazilian Snooker, is played with more simple rules. Aimed towards a more casual laid-back atmosphere this version is played with fewer balls and on a smaller table.

Whether in a casual setting or a competitive arena, pool continues to be a game that bridges cultures and people together. Each variant not only adds to the richness of the sport but also provides a mirror to the cultural nuances of the players. No matter where you are in the world, the sound of billiard balls colliding on a table is a familiar call to play, compete, and enjoy. From large pool tables to the smaller sized necessities like chalk, S&T Billiards in Maryland has got you covered.

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